1998 – Wheatland Union High Boosters is the first California baseball camp geared specifically toward raising the skill level of kids.
2001 – The coaching team expanded to ten in just 3 years, Wheatland Union High Boosters went from 2 to 5 sports.
2003 – Wheatland Union High Boosters expanded to Arizona and received recognition in Young Batter Up magazine.
2008 After 10 years in business, Wheatland Union High Boosters became the most recognized sports camp on the West Coast.
2012 –Wheatland Union High Boosters expanded eastward, and now offers its services in the great state of Texas. 

Our staff

As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how dedicated coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the difference. We produce a sports camp experience that your child will talk about for years.


Each of our coaches has guided their own kids up through the ranks of youth sports with great success. In many cases, they've coached their own kids' teams - so they know first-hand how you feel. Your athlete will rave about their summer when they spend it playing sports with Wheatland Union High Boosters

Join the Wheatland Union High Boosters family and deliver world-class sports training, and plenty of fun, to young athletes. 


We’re currently looking for experienced coaches with a passion for teaching. We take pride in our coaching prowess, and hire only the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for:


  • 5+ years experience

  • Played yourself at the high school or college level

  • Great sportsmanship

  • Ability to motivate

  • Flexible hours

  • Ability to travel 25+ miles to and from event destinations


Please contact our office if you have questions about the hiring process. We will perform a background check on all applicants. 

Job Opportunities

Our History

Who We Are

Wheatland Union High Boosters

Bradley Grosh

Soccer coach and Club Director - Brad knows soccer, and the kids respond to his positive approach. As Club Director, Brad makes keeps coaches engaged, and makes sure your child has a great time.

Patrick Pool

Baseball coach - from pitching and fielding to batting and base running, Pat stresses fundamentals.

John McCoist

Softball coach - many of John's players have gone on to play collegiate softball. He's the best!